The Time is Now for Magneuris Sierra

It’s official, The St. Louis Cardinals have called up outfielder Magneuris Sierra from High-A Palm Beach. Injuries have plagued the Cardinals outfield in just the last week. First it was Stephen Piscotty who came up limping running to first base. He’s on the 10-day DL. Then, it was Dexter Fowler who strained his shoulder diving for a ball. Then, rookie Jose Martinez was hurt Saturday against the Atlanta Braves.. enter Magneuris Sierra.

It’s not often a player makes the jump from High-A to the major leagues. Sierra has been touted as one of the organization’s top prospects since he was drafted in 2013 and was in Low-A Peoria just last season. In my short time getting to watch Sierra play, I was impressed.

Sierra looks like a high school sophomore at 5’11” and 160 pounds, but I think his bat will do the talking. He’s currently hitting .272 with 4 triples and 3 doubles in Palm Beach. He also has 3 stolen bases, indicating his speed will be a factor. Sierra was the only remaining outfielder on the Cardinals 40-man roster. Essentially that means he was the team’s only option without kicking someone else off.

The lineup is out for Sunday’s series finale against the Atlanta Braves. If you look, you’ll find Sierra hitting 7th and playing center field. He’ll wear #43 for the Cardinals.. a number that’s been prominent in the Cardinals bullpen and outfield in recent years. The team is hoping their new young star can help them sweep the series before heading further south to Miami.

So, what do you think of the move? Is Sierra the real deal or is he just a placeholder until Piscotty or Martinez come off the DL?


Cards face off against Marlins in final home fame of spring


Photo Credit: Steve Mitchell/USA TODAY Sports
The countdown to Opening Day is down to four days, and the Cardinals are ready for their last home game of the spring. The team will face off against the Miami Marlins, a team they share the complex at Roger Dean Stadium with. 

Tuesday’s game was rained out in the top of the 4th, so we’ll scrap that one. But, in the time Adam Wainwright did pitch he was lights out. Nobody scored off of him, and he looked ready to go for the start of the regular season.

Wednesday Michael Wacha will make his final start before the season. If the rotation remains the same as it is now, Wacha will be the number two and will likely start the Cardinals home opener at Busch Stadium on April 11.

Here’s a look at the lineup the Cardinals will put on the field Wednesday against the Marlins. One person of note is Jeremy Hazelbaker. He’ll start in center and bat sixth. Hazelbaker is considered by many as an on the bubble guy to break camp with the big club.

Matt Carpenter (3B)

Stephen Piscotty (RF)

Matt Holliday (LF)

Matt Adams (1B)

Yadier Molina (C)

Jeremy Hazelbaker (CF)

Jedd Gyorko (2B)

Ruben Tejada (SS)

Michael Wacha (RHP)

Wednesday’s game can be seen on Fox Sports Midwest. First pitch is scheduled for 12:05.

What would happen if Cardinals left St. Louis

With the recent departure of the now Los Angeles Rams from the city of St. Louis, it got me thinking about what I would do if the Cardinals ever left for another city. 

I should first put a disclaimer out that I am not a Rams fan but I did attend a couple of games in recent years and enjoyed my experience. 

With that being said, the fans were always cheering for their boys in blue and gold. You could really tell the fans enjoyed having a professional football franchise in the heart of downtown. Why Stan Kroenke decided to move the team to LA we’ll never know.

The Kansas City Chiefs just announced they will start marketing the team more in St. Louis than the team had in the past. It’s a head scratcher that they weren’t already marketing themselves in St. Louis, then again, I guess I don’t see too much Royals merchandise when I’m in St. Louis either. 

That brings me to the point of this post: what would I do if the Cardinals ever left St. Louis?

First, like most loyal Rams fans, I’d probably go on a Facebook rant about how Bill DeWitt Jr. has ruined my life because he moved a team I’ve cheered for as long as I’ve comprehended baseball. But then I’d take a few moments to calm down, and after that I’d be looking into how I could buy tickets to see just one game, it doesn’t have to be a season ticket package, but just a game.

That’s how much I love the St. Louis Cardinals..they could relocate to Portland, Maine and I’d save up money just to take a road trip and see them play a game. Sure, baseball heaven in St. Louis would be no more, but maybe baseball in Maine wouldn’t be so bad. 

One thing I wouldn’t do is put my loyalty into another franchise, and definitely not the Royals. Not that I have a problem with them, it just wouldn’t feel right to wear blue all these years after wearing red.

Luckily for me, I don’t have to worry about this question as a Cardinals fan. But, I do feel for Rams fans and the city of St. Louis, who had a man turn his back on a fan base and a city. But if I could give some advice to those mourning, it would be to continue to follow the team you’ve followed your whole fandom life, and don’t change your loyalty to a replacement franchise. Because in reality, that’s all another football team in St. Louis will ever be.