What would happen if Cardinals left St. Louis

With the recent departure of the now Los Angeles Rams from the city of St. Louis, it got me thinking about what I would do if the Cardinals ever left for another city. 

I should first put a disclaimer out that I am not a Rams fan but I did attend a couple of games in recent years and enjoyed my experience. 

With that being said, the fans were always cheering for their boys in blue and gold. You could really tell the fans enjoyed having a professional football franchise in the heart of downtown. Why Stan Kroenke decided to move the team to LA we’ll never know.

The Kansas City Chiefs just announced they will start marketing the team more in St. Louis than the team had in the past. It’s a head scratcher that they weren’t already marketing themselves in St. Louis, then again, I guess I don’t see too much Royals merchandise when I’m in St. Louis either. 

That brings me to the point of this post: what would I do if the Cardinals ever left St. Louis?

First, like most loyal Rams fans, I’d probably go on a Facebook rant about how Bill DeWitt Jr. has ruined my life because he moved a team I’ve cheered for as long as I’ve comprehended baseball. But then I’d take a few moments to calm down, and after that I’d be looking into how I could buy tickets to see just one game, it doesn’t have to be a season ticket package, but just a game.

That’s how much I love the St. Louis Cardinals..they could relocate to Portland, Maine and I’d save up money just to take a road trip and see them play a game. Sure, baseball heaven in St. Louis would be no more, but maybe baseball in Maine wouldn’t be so bad. 

One thing I wouldn’t do is put my loyalty into another franchise, and definitely not the Royals. Not that I have a problem with them, it just wouldn’t feel right to wear blue all these years after wearing red.

Luckily for me, I don’t have to worry about this question as a Cardinals fan. But, I do feel for Rams fans and the city of St. Louis, who had a man turn his back on a fan base and a city. But if I could give some advice to those mourning, it would be to continue to follow the team you’ve followed your whole fandom life, and don’t change your loyalty to a replacement franchise. Because in reality, that’s all another football team in St. Louis will ever be.



Small moves could be good for Cardinals

We’ve heard it all offseason: “The Cubs have made a lot of big moves..Cardinals better watch out.” Sure, the Cubs have certainly improved from last year when they were already good to begin with, but by the Cardinals not spending a ton of money, they may have actually helped themselves out.

All of the big power hitters that everyone wanted the Cardinals to sign are officially unavailable after Yoenis Cespedes signed a stupid 3 year deal worth $75 million with the Mets. The kicker on the deal is if Cespedes only stays in New York for a season he gets $27.5 million then he can OPT OUT. Cardinals fans should be thanking the baseball Gods that the team didn’t make such an ignorant move. 

The Cardinals did spend some money however. Mike Leake’s contract is the largest free agent signing for a starting pitcher in team history. Unlike most players who lose velocity with age, Leake’s has actually gone up.

Speaking of velocity, the Cardinals also went overseas and signed Korean reliever Sueng Hwan Oh who can throw 93. It will be interesting to see how Oh pitches against MLB hitters, but he seems to have a loaded arsenal of different pitches.

Cardinals report to ST in less than a month and all ST games will be televised on Fox Sports Midwest. You can bet I’ll have my opinions as the season ramps up.

Be sure to check in for the latest St. Louis Cardinals news throughout the 2016 season.