Moving Holliday to first would make great Christmas gift

Jon Heyman of CBS Sports reported Friday that current Cardinals left fielder Matt Holliday is working to make a transition to first base in 2016. The biggest talk after the Cardinals allowed Jason Heyward to sign with the Chicago Cubs was how the Cardinals would recover.

Free agent left fielder Alex Gordon was one of the names that popped up a lot, but those talks quickly fell off a cliff after word got out that Matt Holliday wouldn’t move from left field. Reports say Alex Gordon isn’t really comfortable moving from left field either.

If the “spies” Jon Heyman refers to in his article are correct, then this could be the best move the Cardinals make this off-season. Matt Holliday playing first base would not only open up a spot for Alex Gordon to play, it would also lengthen Matt Holliday’s career.

Let’s face it, Holliday isn’t getting any younger. He’s 35 now and will be 36 January 15th. The reason he went down last year from an injury was because of a play he made in left field. I think by making the shift to first base, he’s easily adding another two to three years to his career. If the National League played with the Designated Hitter, it would be a no-brainer to move him into that role.

Plus, he would be a great right-handed compliment to Matt Adams. A second option would be to trade Adams and try to get a starting pitcher out of the deal. Fans are still waiting for the “non-dynamic” signing General Manager John Mozeliak mentioned could be coming earlier this week.

I think the fact that Matt Holliday is supposedly doing this voluntarily, and the fact that he is already training in Jupiter, Florida is a positive sign of things to come this season for the Cardinals.

As always let me know your thoughts about what the Cardinals should do this off-season.



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